{freedom is on the other side of fear}

This has been a tricky one to write. One of those weeks where I’ve wanted to be anywhere but here. Everyday on board I am endlessly greatful for the opportunity to be here, doing what I love, yet I am beginning to discover that having so much time to be alone with myself and think is both a blessing and a curse. I thrive on interaction and connecting with others. Even just the last three weeks at sea have shown me that I get all my energy from my connection with others. This has been an incredibly confronting realization because I have come to terms this week with the immense need I have to create space for alone time in my life. Finding a pocket of my daily routine that is just for me, and

{dancing on a moving vessel?}

…wow! I live on a ship now. This is crazy. I am just now writing this today because it was my first day off in about three weeks. I don’t even know where to begin….it all has happened so fast and i have barely had enough time to stop myself and really look out the windows of the vessel and take in the enormity of the beautiful sea we are riding through. The other afternoon I was sitting on the back patio of the spa on the back of the ship and finally had a moment to relax and realized how small I felt. It was incredibly scary while entirely humbling at the same time. In that moment I had a gut level realization of what I have gotten myself into and it gave me so much perspective. So I have n

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