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the Creative Architect

Are you feeling in a rut with your business? 

Are you searching for direction on how to maximize your potential? 

Are you ready to grow your brand and level up in this season,

but have no idea where to start?

Then perhaps The Creative Architect is exactly what you need!

why I do
    what I do

Helping mission-driven businesses

expand, attract and impact their audience

Start with "Why?"

You are an overworked & burnt out business owner, who has already made something incredibly special, so I will cut to the chase out of respect for your time—


I’ve taken clients engagement up 120% in their first 30 days,

I’ve helped overhaul and rebrand 35 year old businesses that were ready to step into a new season of power,

I’ve coached clients into taking the leap and creating a plan to expand their space by 10X their current square footage. 

If you want it, I believe you can have it!


The next step is you believing it too,

and then—not being afraid to ask for the help to get there. 

My magic is filling in the gaps of your own creative genius.

You already do something very specific, very well,

but now you want more—and that’s where I come in.


I will hold you accountable, inspire you, be the devil’s advocate you need, support you, assist you, coach you, motivate you, and—keep you on deadline!

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From brainstorming new strategies to authentically aligning your brand's voice—The Creativity Architect will bring
stability, structure and a new spirit to your existing foundation. 

Creativity is a Muscle— 

I have been doing this for friends, family, colleagues and small businesses for years, it just took me a long time to articulate the exact recipe and really define what I do and how I can help YOU. But I’ve finally found it and I’m thrilled to share it with you!

I have always been called a Jack-of-all-trades—and I can safely say that Creativity Architect is the love child of every single one of my talents, quirks and creative niches. 

Between my career as an actor and the tenacity it takes to hear a “no” but choose reinvention regardless, my upbringing—being raised by a self-made female entrepreneur—or my way with words as a published author. My favorite task is to take a road block and build the pathway forward!

Nothing is impossible—

I know that might sound aspirational and naive,

but I am here to tell you that investing in your creativity will produce lasting results


Creative Services



The Rebrand

Quality Control:

This is for the established business owner that needs the guidance, the push, and that little assist to take the next big steps to find and

define your goals!


I will help you find and articulate your brands voice to reach wider, serve stronger and impact deeper!


This growth only comes from amplifying your strengths and leaning into what you need to outsource in order to truly grow in this next season! 

Includes YOUR uniquely curated combo of 5 menu items to achieve your goals, the goals we will clearly identify in your "Connection Call!" (the largest item, the "Website Rebuild" is available only at this package level, and forfeits the 5 menu items.)   

Time Commitment: 1.5hrs.

* 1-hour of your time for my intake "Connection Call"

*1 30-minute midway check-in

* Optional 15-minute follow-up

upon job completion


One Time Investment:



3-4 weeks,

(project & my current

client schedule dependent.)


The Renovation

Quality Control:

You have the materials, you have the content & you have the vision—but, the one thing you don't have is the time...the time to implement the countless changes you desire amongst your demanding schedule and growing business—I got you!


Package Includes: your choice of 3 menu items (excludes "website rebuild")   

Time Commitment: 1 hr.

* 1-hour of your time for my intake "Connection Call"

* Optional 15-minute follow-up

upon job completion 


One Time Investment:



2-3 weeks, project dependent.


The Refresh

Quality Control:

This is my "À la carte" menu.

As you need my help with any of my menu's offerings, reach out and we will get

you refreshed ASAP!

Time Commitment: 30 min.

* 30 minutes of your time for my intake "Connection Call"

One Time Investment:

$65 per hour (hourly rate)

*3-hours min. required*


1-2 weeks max. (often less) 


Brand Strategy*

Brand Audit*

Website Rebuild*


Newsletter Copy

Team Bios

Social Media

Content Creation

Blog Curation

Logo Design

* = most popular menu items!

What truly sets Andrew apart is his creativity and eye for detail, being an artist himself.
His ability to identify trends, optimize campaigns, and make data-driven decisions has been instrumental in leveling up my goals.

Berit Bizjak, Luxury Wedding Photographer

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