Norlen's Debut Memoir, Coming Soon!

When unexpected death tears through the fabric of his family, Norlen finds himself face-to-face with his own self-acceptance. Despite the apprehensions and warnings of his loved ones, Norlen puts himself into compromising circumstances, time and time again, as a means to numb his debilitating reality. Though continuously confronted by the deep desire to grieve these losses, he manufactures authentic connections with men and calls this new love, healing. 


From a family of unconditional support and faith, Defining Brave tells the story of a young man's journey, back to the heart of who he’s always wanted to be, yet never understood how to express. 




But the moment Norlen stops defining his existence through the eyes of his past abuse, trauma and suffocating secret, he finds his world filled with more bravery than he can fathom. But before he finds Brave, he must encounter Confidence, Joy, Passion, Maturity and many other gentlemen along this unconventional, yet all too common, route to facing an unchangeable grief.           

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