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Andrew Norlen


"dreams occur at the intersection of innovation, faith, tenacity and collaboration." -Andrew Norlen 

I am your Pipe Dream Architect...

But for our purposes,

think about me as your...

project manager,

meets...writer, coach,

meets...idea generator,

meets...content creator, 

meets...resident hype-man!


All of these hats to achieve your goals, BUT...

on your own timeline,

financial plan,

and creative capacity.

A Bit About Me

I am an actor, a writer, a published author and an entrepreneur.

But more passion and expertise is

relationships and getting shit done. 


So, I decided to stop making excuses for myself, from my own fear of failing, and put my two favorite things into one job a lot of people didn't even know could take their back-burner dreams into an actualize facet of their life...and those two favorite things are: 

building community through connection


helping others foster and ignite their long-time dreams into reality 


I'm not kidding, nothing brings me more joy than to help someone reach their own summit!


I know first hand how hard it is to have a once in a lifetime idea and have NO idea where to begin, despite knowing deep in your gut that it will change the world!


I was terrified to ask for help,

I was so afraid I would fail,

I was convinced that no one would care

but then...

I just started.

I asked for help.

I let go.

I let it grow.

I trusted the integrity of my dream.


Maybe its a podcast,

maybe it's a book,

maybe it's just the 1-hour VISION MEETING,

or maybe it's a weekly check-in for a year,

maybe it's simply a copywriter for your growing business or brand,

maybe it's the creative PIPE DREAM that you've been ready to invest in for years,

but simply don't have the time to indulge...


well... I am SO, damn happy we have found each other,

cus I am your


Let's go!  



the VISION meeting

This is the initial in-person or zoom meeting where you take me on the ride that is this beautiful and nagging dream on your heart, to create this piece of you and give it over to the world. We will meet and discuss your goals, dreams, previous attempts, work, vision, and so much more! Above all else, this is a chance to brainstorm—together— and see if I am the right fit for your project. I will explain my process while also admitting to you now that every project is curated to the clients needs, timeline, budget and capacity for collaboration along that road. Sometimes you may even walk away from this meeting and choose to not work together, BUT, you leave inspired, encouraged and motivated to take the next step in your process with this dream! THAT is okay, my number one goal in this coaching is to help YOU, and sometimes that means letting you go, and FLY! What I mean is—no matter if you choose to work with me, it won't be time wasted for either of us. 


the PLAN

After our meeting I will take 7 days and sit with your vision, my notes from our conversation, and make a game plan based on your budget for this project and your ideal timeline for completion. For the most part, most plans consist of you committing to 1 hour long meeting, or "check-in"—I like to call it—where we schedule a consistent day and time to connect and see where we are at. Think about this as weekly therapy, but for your dream! Remember—you're meeting me with your dream—that's it! Let me do the rest! Let me get to know your time, energy, budget, goals, bandwidth and needs and present you with a plan! 



I know this feels crazy, but the result of this journey—together—is your PIPE DREAM actualized! You're quickly going to learn about me that I don't believe that ANYTHING is impossible, and if it feels impossible, then that means something is out of balance in our Dream Intersection of: INNOVATION, FAITH, TENACITY & COLLABORATION. 


This is why I call myself a PIPE DREAM ARCHITECT, because the Architects job is to listen, design, create, innovate, collaborate and troubleshoot until the balance is found, so that the creation in the end feels: safe, structured and strategic.


I think about our dreams the same way! Your dreams! I know you're ready! 

Stop Sleeping On Your Dream!

schedule your vision meeting with me today!

watch your PIPE DREAM change the world!

What if you believed in the power of your ideas today?

Ignore the noise outside you,
and listen to the flicker within, 
your flame is there, 
and I'm gonna help you find it! 









dreams I started,
dreams I stopped,
dreams I reached, 
yet to come... 


stop waiting, wishing and winging for the "right moment"
to give you "permission" to take 1 step toward your PIPE DREAM!

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