{ a little late to the party }

Don’t you worry, I didn’t forget about all of you following along with my journeys and supporting me so very much from so far away.

If I am being honest I forgot to write once I got to Europe because I fell so head over heels in love with it! I have been too distracted drinking coffee, laying in the sun and eating pasta to remember that i wanted to be doing this every two weeks. My bad!

So let me go back and catch you up to speed.

The transatlantic crossing was something ELSE! It was a 15 day cruise and we only stoped in about 3-4 ports during that time. Those were the toughest nights on the ship in terms of choppy waters, storms and sleepless nights. To explain it quickly, one night at about 4 am the boat was rocking so much that we all discovered at rehearsal the next day that we all woke up at the exact same time the night before because of this one moment where it got so bad and we all couldn’t go back to sleep. (too bad we all didn’t know everyone was up, we could have cuddled) that night a can of pringles chips fell off of my shelf and onto my face while I was sleeping. I was very much awake after that….

After the crossing when we finally made it to Europe I don’t think I have ever experienced such a culture shock.

My first day in Barcelona was on a Friday, Blue skies, full of life and activity in the city, and I arranged for me and my friend Andy to take a water coloring lesson with a painter from the area because I wanted a mamento to remember the day by. It was such a fun experience and now I have a beautiful painting hanging inside my cabin that I will keep forever to remember this day and experience by.

Barcelona is my favorite place that we port each week. Every Sunday is embark day where about 4,700 people get off and about 4,700 more get on. But I think it might be my favorite because its my only day off each week, and the city is to die for!!!

The city is just beautiful! There is so much to do and see and the shopping is out of control!!! I have spent way too much money in just a 5 block radius there already and we are just now at the half way point of the contract this week. Aghh!

I will continue to see new parts of Barcelona as the next 12 weeks progress. I would really love to go to some museums, maybe take a city bus tour just because, and of course the inevitable 4-5 cups of coffee a day that are just a given to being in Europe! ;)

Each day on the ship is accompanied with new challenges and new feelings. It is such a bizarre way to live that I don’t think anyone can ever fully adjust to. One of my friends on here says, “A week on the ship is like a year in real life” and I have found that to be so true and the reason why is because everything is SOOOO concentrated.

You eat, sleep and breathe with the same people you work with - that also live two feet away from you at every turn. Its not easy, for any of us. Privacy is hard to come by, the cabins are tiny, and I really just want a window in my room to be able to see sunlight in the mornings. But this is the gig and so you have to just suck it up and deliver, and some days thats easier said then done.

I am so greatful for the chance this contract has given me to get in the best shape of my life. I find that the more and more I have been working out and weight training paired with cardio and the natural cardio I get from doing 10 shows a week, that my endurance is better than ever and I feel stronger everyday and it makes me happier to be here knowing that I am taking steps to take care of my own vessel.

Its so strange to think about what life was like before I got on the ship, just as well, its odd to think about what comes next and what is the best next step for me. Its so difficult because we are in this little incubator of a job that is the same thing every 7 days and then repeats, repeats, repeats. The structure is nice I guess, but you find yourself missing the parts of life that are surprising in your day to day and being spontanious doesn’t really exists because there are so many rules and people to answer to and you can’t just see where a day takes you off in port, because you always have to be back on the ship at a certain time.

I miss driving, I miss windows, I miss taking a bath, I miss CANDLES, I miss calling my mom whenever I want, I miss drive through coffee stands, I miss singing loudly in my shower or car, I miss my dog and I miss walking in central park when I can’t think of something to do.

Never in a million years did I think this contract would ever be as hard as it has been. But the one thing I know right now is that I will be able to walk away from this a whole new, stronger and wiser version of my best self. The greatest gift this job and time away has given me is the gift of just that, time to learn about myself and the struggle of trying to find the joy in the work every single day, even when it just feels like a job and all you want to be doing is sleeping but you have to put on that fishnet and those heels and a giant Emu headdress and go out on stage and make someone smile because not only is that the job, but MORE importability thats the gift, and what an honor it is to see the lives we impact in big and small ways on stage each night. Entertainment is one special escape that has my whole heart and always will.

As much as I bitch and have said how much I just want to go home in the last three weeks, I am endlessly greatful for the chance to even be here at all, have a job and be performing and doing what I love. The show is so special and the people I get to do it with are even more special.

Well, thats all for now, I will attach a bunch of pictures from the last two months below for you to check out and I will try my hardest to be better about posting what I am up to.

Its beginning to turn into the hot hot HOT part of summer wherever we go - so my social media will be overwhelmed by beach, water and sangria pictures I am sure...sorry bout it! ;)

Thanks for catching up and Ill talk to you soon!


{ a pic from our one day stop in Bermuda during the transatlantic crossing with the boys! }

{a beautiful day of wine and chocolate with about 35 of the entertainment crew members in Catalonia, Spain}

{the winery that we toured and where we ate a beautiful meal amongst the grapes just behind that house there}

{me "not posing" at the winery}

{an incredible pastry shop in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona}

{the waterfront in Barcelona}

{the world renowned annual Cannes French film festival}

{the infamous Meryl Streeps handprint outside the film festival headquarters}

{a stunning river running through the middle of the quaint little town of Pisa}

{us at the tower of Pisa, oddly it was so so soooo much smaller in person then i would have expected}

{the cathedral in the center of town along the waterfront in Palma, Spain (our weekly port on Saturdays)}

{a fun night out two Sundays back to celebrate Alex's birthday with all these clowns}

{a picture from when the stunning Erin left the ship last month, miss her so very much! What a gem!}

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